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"Copper Silver Ionisation has been engineered and manufactured by Procare Water Treatment Inc. since 2002. We combine the power of automation science engineering & technology experience to passionately innovate what is essential to the evolution of medical, commercial and military grade copper silver ionisation technology for facility potable water Legionella control & prevention."

copper silver ionisation Legionella Prevention” Discover the Engineering & Performance benefits of our Copper Silver Ionisation technology for Legionella prevention.”

Contact us today and discover how these Canadian engineered & manufactured copper silver ionisation units provide the safest and most affordable facility potable water treatment technology on the market today.

Consultant Engineering Firms can receive “OPEN” Legionella prevention technology performance specs in minutes.

Copper Silver Ionization MEPLet Procare Water Treatment Inc. save you time and frustration with your Legionella related facility potable water compliance codes: Consultant engineering firms are welcomed to receive project specific copper silver ionisation water treatment performance specifications in less than 3 minutes via the our fully automated and free network.

  • Save Time
  • Receive “Open” project specific Copper/Silver Ionisation Specs
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Copper Silver Ionisation Water Treatment technology by Procare Water Treatment Inc. are engineered & manufactured for facility potable water distribution networks that require Legionella growth prevention or remediation. Sold and installed worldwide since 2002, the technology provides a safe and reliable facility water treatment solution that performs under any water conditions.

The Legionella prevention solutions manufactured by Procare Water Treatment Inc. provides over 60 different fully automated “PID” copper silver ionisation Controllers combined with the most sophisticated and reliable Ionisation Chamber Cells on the market.

10 Year warranty on controllers and chamber cell shelf life: ProCare Water Treatment Inc. “Copper Silver Ionisation” technology have been installed worldwide within facility potable water networks since 2002 and have a proven Legionella control and prevention track record.

All controllers manufactured by Procare Water Treatment Inc. include a 10 year warranty on controllers and a 10 year shelf life on the ionisation chamber cells. The Ionisation chamber cells’ life usage, a consumable, will range from 9 to 36 months based on technology sizing and the facility’s daily potable water usage. – Please consult your local copper silver ionisation vendor for details or contact us directly by clicking here.

ProCare Copper Silver Ionisation water treatment technology are Engineered & Manufactured for facility Domestic Hot Water Loops (DHW) and also for 100% Facility Potable Water Networks found in:

ProCare’s Copper Silver Ionisation Fully Automated “PID” Controller Features Include:

Copper Silver Ionisation1) Safe and self adjusting, monitored and fully automated DC power drives for each ionisation chamber cells, (no chamber cells twinning and no need to adjust manually) that include “smart” proportional “PID” ionisation processes.
2) One automated master computer control with monitored software, (lowers your overall footprint)
3) Up to 180VDC variable output capacity for each ionisation chamber cell, (capable of treating all types of water conditions including low or high conductivity water)
4) Copper-silver ionisation controllers engineered to deliver up to 10 amps each individual ion chamber cell, (multi cell controller units receive individual redundant power drives without compromise and can lower the technology cost by up to 55% and footprint by up to 65%)
5) Multi user password protected controller access,
6) 600V/10A – Quick connect electrical connectors from the controller to the ion chamber cells, (wires and terminals are not exposed)
7) Industrial circuit breakers, (Linked to the PLC software and easy to reset if they trip / no fuses)
8) Powder coated NEMA 4 control panel (with key),
9) BMS interface features, (for any Building Management System)
10) LED Status display, (Visual alarms for operational status)
11) Volt free status contact ports,
12) Modular input/output (digital and analogue) for up to 144 ports when required,
13) Output capacity from up to 10 amps to 160 amps per controller, (depending on the controller model)
14) Built-in bi-directional chamber cell monitoring,
15) Built-in ionisation monitoring and management protocols,
16) Graphical activation display,
17) REMS, BACNET and TCP/IP connectivity,
18) Remote computer software monitoring and management, (included)
19) Fully automated online Internet data logging and reporting, (via the AquaLyse® Portal-Hub)
20) Group data access within your organization, (via the network)
21) 10 Year Warranty on all controllers.
22) Controllers are manufactured in Canada. Exported globally from Canada.
23) BAA: All Procare Water Treatment Inc. units are fully compliant with the Buy America Act. Contact ProCare for details.
24) CSA, UL, CE
25) EPA (USA) No: 091267-CAN-001

Copper Silver Ionisation Chamber Cells:copper silver ionisation

1) Schedule 40 stainless steel steel chamber cells,
2) Water pressure tolerance of over 800 PSI at any liquid temperature.
3) Internal laminar flow configuration to prevent premature water erosion of the electrodes and eliminate sedimentation causing water eddies. (unique in the world)
4) Up to 45 GPM flow rate per cell (no minimums)
5) Guaranteed ionisation chamber cell lifespan based on application evaluation.
6) Completely new ion chamber cell(s) replacement (not refurbished)
7) Drop pressure of less than 3PSI total regardless of the number of ion chamber cells used.
8) BAA: All Procare Water Treatment Inc. units are fully compliant with the Buy America Act. Contact ProCare for details.

Legionella control and prevention provided by ProCare Water Treatment Inc. copper silver ionisation technology come with a 10 year performance warranty.